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Each month, Goshen Floor Mart delivers you articles, information, tips, advice, and news about your home and business... and more specifically related to flooring. From the latest technologies to trends, new products, maintenance, ideas, inspirations, and a myriad of other helpful and interesting information. Our goal is to help make your home or office better and offer you the ideas and information that is most interesting and helpful to you!

What Are The Most Durable Flooring Options for Homeowners?


When it comes time to select a type of hard flooring, it can seem like you have a dizzying array of choices to consider. Hardwood? Vinyl plank? Sheet vinyl? Tile? If tile, do you want porcelain, ceramic, stone? Each has.... see more here

11 Crafty Projects To Use Up Your Carpet Remnants


If you find yourself with some leftover carpet after installation, you might be tempted to dispose of it because the job is done. Not so fast! There are lots of fun and practical ways to make use of it... see more here

How Long Does Hardwood Flooring Last?


Hardwood flooring, when installed correctly, can imbue your home or business with a rich, beautiful look and feel, but for how long? Fortunately, it’s a look .... see more here

How To Mix And Match Flooring Types Throughout Your Home


With today’s home decorating trends, it’s rare anymore to find a home with wall-to-wall carpeting or one that’s.. see more here

How To Care For Ceramic And Porcelain Flooring


Whether it’s part of an outdoor patio space or in a bathroom or kitchen, ceramic and porcelain tiles make a lovely .... see more here

Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Hardwood Flooring


If you’ve noticed that your floors have gotten dull or even started graying, there’s a chance you might need to refinish your hardwood flooring. There’s no denying that hardwood floors .... see more here

Why Carpet Remnants Are Great For College Students


In many cases, college students have to make do with what they have – and sometimes that means settling for less than the best... see more here

Kid-Friendly Flooring Options To Consider


When you have children, you need kid-friendly flooring. After all, your home shouldn’t just be welcome to the adult members of your family. It should be... see more here

How To Make Vinyl Plank Flooring Last Longer


If you have a house full of kids and pets and you’d like your flooring to look nice for longer than one season, vinyl plank flooring is a great... see more here

What Happens When You Don’t Level Your Flooring During Installation


New flooring can completely change the look of your home, but let’s make sure those looks change for the better.... see more here

Remove Stains On Your Flooring With These Tips


Houses are meant to be lived in and floors are meant to be walked on, which means they might incur a stain or two (or twenty) in their lifetime. But no need to fret ... see more here

How Often Do I Need To Replace Carpet?


Carpeting doesn’t last forever, but it can be hard to know when it’s time to replace yours. There’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’... see more here

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