Waking up in the morning and immediately having your feet hit a cold, hardwood floor can be an unwelcome shock, especially in the winter months. But do hardwood floors really get colder in the winter? The answer is a little complicated.

If your floors feel cold mostly near doorways and windows, there could be cracks or gaps where cool air is seeping through. In a home with multiple stories, flooring may be colder on the lowest level if it’s above an uninsulated basement. Hot air rises to the top floor or ceiling of a home since it’s less dense than cold air.

Even without any drafts or heat circulation issues, hardwood flooring naturally feels colder than carpet. After all, carpet is typically made of a soft material, and hardwood is, well, hardwood.

If your floor is cold in the winter, consider these ways to warm up your space while maintaining your timeless hardwood flooring.


add a rug

For the coldest areas in your home, a simple way to get a cozier, warmer feel is to add a rug. Covering part of a hardwood floor with a rug gives you a softer surface without the commitment of getting carpet. Rugs can also give a new look and feel to a room when purposefully styled with your furniture.



Another easy solution to a colder hardwood floor is to wear socks and slippers. It may sound obvious, but it works. Make sure to pick non-slip options on slick wood flooring to help avoid falls.



Turn on a ceiling fan in the winter? Yes, really. Turning a ceiling fan on a low setting can help recirculate the air in the room and regulate temperature all the way down to the floor. In the winter, turn the fan on a low setting and reverse the direction of the ceiling fan so it runs clockwise. That way, the hot air that has risen to the top of the room can be moved around the room.


plug in a space heater

If you’re sitting in one room or area most of the time, turning on a space heater is an economical way to heat the space you’re in.


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