Protecting Your Hardwood Floors From Stains

It’s a fact of life that spills, drips, and accidents are going to happen to your floors. Liquid blunders can be catastrophic when you have hardwood floors. Protecting your hardwood floors from stains can quickly become a priority for you.
Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid having to deal with stains. Here are a few ideas.



Floor mats will pull double duty for your hardwood floors. They’re great for preventing scratches and stains from shoes. Having a floor mat for shoes at your entryway keeps dirt and grime from getting tracked into your home and offers a place for shoes wet with rain or snow to dry off. Just don’t forget to remind the family to take off their shoes at the door.



Moisture is an enemy of hardwood floors. If your floors have a stain or a coat of oil on them, they can repel a certain amount of moisture, but spills should be mopped up right away to prevent stains. Even small spills can seep into cracks in your hardwood flooring and cause issues.

Use a wood floor mop when it’s appropriate, or a damp mop (never soaking wet) for sticky spills. Make sure to get down and wipe up any excess liquid as needed.




Water is sneaky and will take the path of least resistance to get into your home. It may be tempting to have your windows open during a rain shower to let in cooler air, but it can bring excess moisture in, too.

When it’s raining, make sure you close the windows in rooms with hardwood floors to keep water from getting into your house and damaging the floor.




Yes, we know that you’ve got hardwood floors and want to be able to gaze at them and enjoy their natural beauty. But area rugs are going to save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Rugs around furniture and seating areas will help prevent scratching, but if they’re in high traffic (eating) areas they can also prevent stains from spills. It’s much easier to clean a rug than it is to clean a spill on your hardwood floor. Remember to clean underneath your rugs, too.

Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes and can also add their own accent to the layout of your room. If you’re especially thrifty or crafty, you may be able to make your own rug from carpet remnants.




There’s no substitute for being prepared. Regularly cleaning and maintenance of your hardwood flooring will keep it looking great and help it last a lifetime. A quick daily cleaning with a dust mop will keep your floor free of any particles that may scratch it. A weekly (or bi-weekly) deep clean will help it keep its protective layer of stain and oil. Remember to use only cleaning products specially designed for hardwood floors.



If a spill does happen, here are some homemade floor cleaners you can try so you can avoid having to deal with an unsightly stain for the rest of eternity.


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